About Us

Atlas Art Rug is born from the tradition of the Berber tribes of Morocco living in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.
We work in this globalized reality and opens a virtual window to the Berber rugs, exposing to the world the beauty of singular and millenary art.
We offer our public original and unique rugs. Precious rugs for a lifetime. And if someone does not find what he is looking for, we provide a personalized service to manufacture the rug he wants. We care about everyone’s satisfaction.
Atlas Art Rug values the creativity and work of Berber women and is committed to fair, equitable, and sustainable systems of production and distribution. We work with a noble material, wool, using native dyes, weaving on traditional looms without using energy, washing carpets by hand… We take care of the handcrafted processes. And we take care of the people who make them, especially our women weavers. We are involved with our community and our environment.