Making Process

Beni Ourain rugs are the first choice for many people when it comes to home decoration. Its charming beauty and warmth makes it the perfect choice for interior design. But, do you have any idea how they are made?

This unique process begins with craft-women hand-spinning the wool into different thicknesses of yarn that are then twisted around a wooden dowel.

Much of it is left the color of natural cream, but if different shades are needed for the design, weavers use local flora and spices to dye the yarn.

Once they know the rug’s basic design, the women can start to set up the loom with the necessary dimensions and begin to loop on each string of yarn. If the design is being kept traditional, they’ll leave a space for tassels and additional adornments on one side.

The finished rugs are then doused with water, scrubbed clean, and draped over wooden racks where they’ll dry in the mountain air.

Inevitably, mistakes are made during the making of Beni Ourain rugs. But these inimitable imperfections are precisely what gives them value – something that is missing from their factory-made counterparts. Locals refer to these unique whorls of errors as ‘the charm of the hand.